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Whether you’re passing through Yonge & Sheppard or inching towards the DVP, driving in North York can be challenging -- and frustrating. As one of the most densely populated areas in the GTA and with major construction constantly on the go, you need a comprehensive car insurance policy that will protect you from the unexpected, anytime and anywhere.

We’re your auto insurance broker: we compare quotes to find the most affordable car insurance quotes we can get for you in North York

PC insurance licensed brokers act as your personal advisors by comparing quotes from up to 8 different car insurance companies to ensure that you receive the very best available rates and coverages that we can find for your specific situation. It’s not about simply finding you cheap car insurance: we aim to bring you choices that work for you and your unique needs.

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Plus, we reward you for every dollar you spend with a PC Financial Mastercard®.

When you pay your PC insurance premium with your PC Financial Mastercard®, you earn 2X the regular PC Optimum points – redeemable for free groceries, fashion and more at participating stores. Minimum redemption is 10,000 PC Optimum points (worth $10 in free rewards).

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Which car insurance companies does PC insurance work with in North York?

In North York, we work with:

Aviva insurancePafco insurancePembridge insuranceEconomical insuranceTravellers insuranceIntact insurance
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Who sets car insurance rates in North York?

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) regulates and sets the market conduct for the auto insurance industry in North York and all of Ontario. Any changes to an insurer’s auto insurance rates in Ontario must be submitted to FSCO for approval.

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What documents will I need to get a car insurance quote in North York?

Whether you’re renewing your existing auto insurance or shopping around for better rates, here is some information you’ll need to get started:

  • Vehicle make, model, year

  • Driver’s licence

  • Current insurance company + policy number

  • Previous tickets/driving infractions within the last 10 years

  • Previously filed claims within the last 10 years

  • Previous license suspensions and insurance lapses within the last 10 years

What are the most popular vehicle brands in North York?

Among the users who have gotten an auto insurance quote from PC Insurance, the top five most popular car brands in North York are:











Can I get an auto insurance quote online?

Shopping for auto insurance rates online may provide you with many options, but it still takes a lot of time and research and it can be difficult to find trustworthy places to compare rates. Our specialists at PC insurance can take that load off your shoulders and shop around for the best car insurance rates we can find on your behalf. And best of all, we’ll always be available to answer your questions and concerns. Get a car insurance quote online or contact us at 1-866-376-5236 toll-free to speak to one of our insurance specialists.

What types of car insurance are available from PC insurance in North York?

To legally drive a vehicle in North York and other parts of Ontario, there are certain mandatory coverages that your auto insurance policy must include, which are the following:

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    Covers you if you’re involved in an accident where you are at fault, and the other driver files a lawsuit against you.

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    Accident benefits

    Covers anyone injured in your vehicle, including yourself, in an accident.

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    Direct compensation damage

    Covers any damage to your vehicle in an accident where you are not-at-fault or only partially at-fault as deemed by the insurance provider.

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    Uninsured automobile

    Covers you in case you're in an accident with an uninsured or hit-and-run driver

What optional insurance coverage does PC insurance frequently recommend?

Collision & Upset

This type of car insurance may cover damage caused to your vehicle by impact with another car, roadside object or any damage sustained in a roll-over.

Accident Forgiveness

If you have never been found at-fault for an accident, this protection may protect you from increases to your premiums resulting from your first at-fault accident.

Family Protection

In the case of an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver at fault, you or a member of your family may be covered.

Waiver of Depreciation

For cars under 5 years old, this coverage may get you the same car or a comparable model as your current ride.

Who is shopping for car insurance in North York?

Average Age: 39.8 years
Average Age

39.8 years

# of years previously insured 12 years
# of years previously insured

12 years

% of customers with a conviction


% of customers with a previous claim


Average annual mileage


What factors affect the cost of car insurance in North York?

There are many variables that car insurance companies may consider when they’re determining your premium:

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Vehicle type

The make, year and type of your vehicle are all factors which can affect the cost of your car insurance. Expect to be paying higher premiums the newer and more luxurious your vehicle is, as they’re typically more expensive to insure due to their higher repair and replacement cost.

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Driver’s age

Insurers can determine a lot of information from a driver’s age alone. Older drivers are able to provide a substantial track record of their experience, and they’re also statistically less likely to be involved in an accident than the younger. So even if you’re a good driver, expect to be paying higher premiums if your time behind the wheel is limited.

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Postal code

Your location in North York can also be a factor when it comes to determining your auto insurance premiums. The criteria of assessment could be based on the population density and the likelihood of car thefts and other related crimes in your area.

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Vehicle use

How often you use your vehicle is another variable that car insurers take into consideration. Whether you use your vehicle for daily commutes or occasional travels, ensure your insurer is fully aware of your driving habits and the amount of time you spend behind the wheel.

How can I keep the cost of car insurance low?

Paying for car insurance is mandatory for all drivers in North York and the rest of Ontario. Fortunately, the cost is something that you have some control over:

Invest in anti-theft devices for your car

The likelihood of your vehicle being stolen is one of the factors that car insurers take note of – especially when it comes to a busy and populated area like North York. Consider installing engine immobilizers, tire locks and other anti-theft devices for your vehicle to reduce your insurance rate.

Purchase winter tires for the cold seasons

Canadian winters are full of slips and turns. That’s why by Ontario law, drivers in North York can receive car insurance discounts (which usually hovers around 5%) if they install winter tires on their vehicles during the colder months of the year. Keep in mind that for existing customers the discount may not be available until you renew your car insurance policy.

Install a dashboard camera

While you won’t receive a direct discount for installing a dashcam, they are still valuable in case you get into an accident with no witnesses. Not only can having live footage help with settling a dispute, it can also help preserve your driving record and act as a rescue line from insurance frauds.

Bundle insurance policies for discounts

Many insurance providers in North York and other parts of Ontario offer discounts for those who bundle their car insurance with other policies. The same goes for PC insurance. We offer up to a 20% discount if you bundle a car insurance with a home insurance policy with the same company.

Update your driving record

Insurers use your driving record to assess how much of a risk you pose on the road. So if you’ve recently graduated to a new license level, update your record to reflect those changes for possible discounts to your auto insurance premium.

How will adding a new G1/G2 driver to my insurance affect my rate?

The idea of your teenage child driving without your supervision may make you nervous. PC insurance can help take some of that load off your shoulders. Below are some of the points for you to consider when adding them to your existing car insurance policy:


In North York and the rest of Ontario, all vehicles out on the road must be insured, regardless of the driver’s level. G1 license holders cannot be listed as the main driver under any car insurance policy.


G1 drivers are considered “dependent drivers”, which means your premiums may not be affected when he/she gets added to your existing car insurance policy. However, when the driver graduates to the G2 level, he or she would be classified as an independent driver.


Although it isn’t a mandatory, Ontario encourages new drivers to enroll in driver’s education courses, which can result in a lower premium, provided they successfully complete the course.

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