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How we offer competitive rates

As a broker, we compare quotes from a variety of trusted insurance providers to find you coverage that fits your needs and budget.

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How much is motorcycle insurance?

There are several factors that motorcycle insurance providers consider when calculating your rate.

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    Make and model of your bike

    Some motorcycles are more expensive than others to insure.

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    Where you live

    If you live in a dense, urban area with high instances of bike theft, collisions and/or other types of insurance claims, you can expect to pay more than someone living in a more rural area.

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    Your age and experience

    A rider’s age has a significant impact on insurance rates. Older, more experienced riders with a longer history of safe riding will typically pay lower premiums.

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    How much you ride

    The more kilometres you put on your bike, the more likely your insurance cost will rise. Be sure to tell your insurance broker as much detail as possible about how much you plan to use your bike.

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How can I lower my motorcycle insurance?

Check out these ways to save on your motorcycle insurance premium.


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