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Buy tenant insurance online in Hamilton with PC® Insurance in 3 easy steps.

In search of the best tenant insurance in Hamilton? PC® Insurance is your trusted choice. In just three easy steps, you can get a quote and buy your coverage online. Our dedicated team ensures you get the best coverage for your needs and budget. PC Optimum™ members can save up to 35%† when they bundle their home and auto insurance and combine with other available discounts.

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PC covers your home insurance needs in Ontario

Which tenant insurance companies work with PC Insurance in Hamilton

As a broker, we search across a range of trusted insurance providers,
to find the coverage in that best fits your needs and budget.

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3 easy steps to buy tenant insurance in Hamilton.

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Answer questions about your occupancy type, property, and personal info to get an accurate online quote.

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Customize your coverage if needed.

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Confirm your details and proceed to pay online to finalize online purchase.

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What does tenant insurance cover?

Tenant insurance can cover expenses in the event of damage or loss to your rental unit or personal belongings.

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    Hotel Costs

    If you have to move out of your rental unit for it to be repaired due to an insured loss, your policy could cover the cost of additional living expenses such as a hotel, meals, and moving expenses.

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    Fire Damage

    In the event of a fire, your policy could cover the cost of replacing damaged contents.

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    Stolen Goods

    In addition to covering the cost of any goods stolen from your rental unit, your policy could also cover items stolen from your car.

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How can I lower my tenant insurance cost in Hamilton? 

Check out these ways to save on your tenant insurance premiums. 

Save with PC Tenant Insurance. Get an online quote in minutes.

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