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Home insurance in Alberta that’s right for you.

We’ll help you find coverage that fits your needs and wallet. PC Optimum™ members can save up to 35%† when they bundle their home and auto insurance and combine with other available discounts.

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PC covers your home insurance needs in Alberta

How we offer competitive rates

As a broker, we search across a range of trusted insurance providers, to find the coverage that best fits your needs and budget.

Save on coverage, and earn
PC Optimum™ points.

PC Optimum members save up to 35%

PC Optimum™ members save up to 35%† when they bundle their home and auto insurance and combine with other available discounts.

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Earn up to 2x the regular PC Optimum points

Earn 2x the regular PC Optimum™ points* for every dollar spent when you pay your premium with your PC® Mastercard®.

Buy your home insurance in 3 easy steps.

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Answer questions about your occupancy type, property, and personal info to get an accurate online quote.

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Customize your coverage if needed.

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Confirm your details and proceed to pay online to finalize online purchase.

Factors that affect home insurance costs in Alberta.

Home insurance premiums are determined by many factors. Here are some to keep in mind when getting an insurance quote.

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Where you live

The frequency, type and cost of claims in your area is factored into your home insurance premium. Homes located in areas with frequent or more costly claims will typically be more expensive to insure.

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Distance from a fire hydrant

Close proximity to a fire hydrant or station can lower your home insurance premium because a potential fire can be put out faster, potentially resulting in less damage to your home.

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Your claims history

Prior home insurance claims can indicate home systems that are out of date. Older plumbing, electrical or heating systems present an increased risk of leaks or fires, which may result in a higher premium.

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Age and condition of your roof

An older roof is more likely to be a contributing factor in water damage to your home or require significant repairs. If your roof is 15 years old or older, your premium may be higher.

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Get home insurance in Alberta.

Insure your home and your personal belongings with coverage that fits your needs.

Basic coverage

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  • Red Circle Check Icon

    Personal Property

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    Personal Liability

  • Red Circle Check Icon

    Living Expenses

Optional coverage

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    Sewer Backup

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    Overland Water

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    Identity Theft

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