Protecting your home


From family to furniture, there's a lot worth insuring. Here are some tips and resources on how to prevent property damage and keep what's important to you out of danger.

  • What is Gap Insurance?

    For most drivers, a standard auto insurance policy will provide enough protection to cover the cost of repairs or replacement in the event that your car is damaged in an accident. However, if your car is totaled, often times the car’s actual cash value at the time will be lower than the amount that you owe on your lease or financing agreement, leaving a gap that requires separate insurance in order to be covered.

  • Is My Empty Home a Vacant Home?

    From an annual offseason to something as simple as an unrented unit, there are various reasons why a property might be left unused for an extended period of time. But not all empty homes are the same and neither are the home insurance policies which cover them.

  • Does My Car Insurance Cover Rentals?

    From fires to floods to accidentally breaking a window, many condo owners might be surprised to learn how vulnerable their investment actually is. But with proper insurance, you can protect your belongings, your condo and your personal liability as an owner.

  • 7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting Your Cottage

    Cottage ownership can be a rewarding experience. Getting a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and escaping to a serene second home can deliver peace of mind and relaxation. Cottages can also generate revenue for a rainy day, or help cover the costs of having a second property.

  • How to help Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

    When winter comes in Canada, frigid temperatures and frequent flurries are the norm, making your home vulnerable to a number of potential problems. Helping to protect your water pipes from freezing should top your to-do list this winter, as frozen pipes can leave you with no water or, worse, burst, potentially leading to expensive damage to your property. Take these steps to help prepare your pipes for winter and avoid having to make any home insurance claims this season.

  • Second Home Insurance

    Whether it's your dream cabin in cottage country or a condo in the city you plan to rent out for extra revenue, your second home coverage needs will differ from the homeowners insurance you have for your primary residence.

  • Home & Auto insurance considerations once you get married

    After the wedding and honeymoon, you may be feeling a strain on your finances. There are many financial benefits that come with being newlyweds, including potential cost savings to your home and auto insurance plans. So as you begin this new chapter of your life together, it's a good idea to revisit your insurance needs and options.

  • Tenant insurance 101: Insurance for when you are renting

    Tenant’s (or Renter's) Insurance is often overlooked. Many think it's too expensive or just not worth it. People tend to think "I don't own my house or apartment, so I don't need coverage."

  • Home insurance tips to help you lower your premium

    Tired of the rising costs of homeowners insurance? Well you’re certainly not alone, as property damage caused by poor and extreme weather conditions has caused insurance rates and home insurance premiums to rise nationwide. But despite the rise in weather-related home insurance claims, there’s still quite a lot you can do to lower your home insurance premium.

  • Home Insurance for Students Living Away from Home

    Every year, thousands of students across Canada leave home to attend university or college, many of whom are living on their own for the first time. Before packing personal possessions like laptop computers, televisions, wireless devices, clothing and even textbooks, there are important decisions to make, including how to handle insurance coverage.

  • Home Insurance: What it is and why you need it!

    Most people would agree with the old adage that claims that there’s no place like home. But if that’s really the case, what are you doing to keep your home happy, healthy, and safe? Home insurance is a form of property insurance designed to cover the replacement cost of your home and its contents in case of fire, damage or theft. It can also cover you against the loss of use of your home, insuring all or some of your living expenses should your home become uninhabitable for a period of time as a result of an insurable peril.

  • Your home holiday hazard checklist

    Tis the season to be jolly, but it's also a season of stress. Beyond how taxing this time of year can be on the bank account, you've also got a full calendar of get-togethers, decorating and getting ready for vacation. Here's a checklist to help you enjoy the eggnog and carols stress-free.

  • Tips to get rid of raccoons

    People who live in the city have more than just noise and traffic to worry about. Raccoons can be a nuisance to city dwellers (and country dwellers too, for that matter) and are not a problem that will go away if you choose to ignore them. They can cause serious damage to your home, and possibly your home insurance costs.

  • How to prepare your house for winter

    Every year, homeowners all over Canada get ready to brace for months of wind, slush, snow and freezing temperatures. Without certain basics covered you could be left with a cold house, or worse. But there are steps you can take to make this often challenging season a safe, cozy and enjoyable one; and possibly even reduce the home insurance claims you may have to make.

  • How to set up your smoke detectors

    One of the most important devices in your home is your smoke detector. Every homeowner and resident should know how and where to install their smoke detectors for maximum security.

  • Dealing with Snow and Ice Around Your Home

    Winter is an inescapable fact of life in Canada. With winter comes the inevitable arrival of cold temperatures and necessary snow removal around your home. Shovelling snow and ice is a safety issue for you and your neighbours, so be diligent. If you have health issues that prevent you from taking part in strenuous activity, consider hiring a neighbour or contacting a volunteer service in your area.

  • Security tips for a safer home

    If you're like most homeowners, you are concerned about the safety of your home.

  • Apartment safety tips

    One only has to look at new construction to see that more and more people are choosing to live in high-rise condominiums and apartment buildings.

  • High-Rise Fire Safety Tips

    More and more people are living in high-rise condominiums and apartment buildings, where having home insurance is important for so many reasons, not the least of which is fire.

  • Get fired up about home fire safety!

    A house fire is a frightening prospect when you consider that your house is home to the most valuable things in your life – you and your family!

  • Fireplace safety

    Are you sitting in front of a cozy fire starter? Your fireplace?


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