Saving Money


As a driver, you have a lot of expenses. Insurance payments, trips to the pump, costly repairs – not to mention paying for the vehicle itself. Here are a some ways to give your wallet a break.

  • Does My Car Insurance Cover Rentals?

    Car renters looking to save money often assume their personal insurance policies cover any nasty predicaments they encounter on the road. For this reason, rental car insurance is often the first feature forgone on a rental agreement.

  • How Car Accident Impact Your Insurance

    Nobody plans for a car accident to happen. Nevertheless, it can occur without warning and alter the lives of those involved. Thankfully we have insurance to take care of immediate questions of the cost, damages and future ramifications of all parties involved.

  • How traffic violations affect your insurance

    Traffic violations can be costly, resulting in demerit points that could cause you to need high-risk auto insurance or even, in extreme cases, keep you from driving at all. Many drivers commit the odd minor traffic violation at some point in their driving history, contributing to the thousands of traffic tickets issued to Canadian drivers each year.

  • Home & Auto insurance considerations once you get married

    After the wedding and honeymoon, you may be feeling a strain on your finances. There are many financial benefits that come with being newlyweds, including potential cost savings to your home and auto insurance plans. So as you begin this new chapter of your life together, it's a good idea to revisit your insurance needs and options.

  • Car Insurance: Why cheaper isn’t always better

    Although driving can be a great convenience, it can also be quite expensive. Besides the initial cost of buying or leasing a vehicle, drivers also have to consider the ongoing costs of paying for things like license plates, vehicle maintenance, repairs, parking, gas, and insurance.

  • Make your fuel go farther

    Whether it's for the planet or the wallet, there are many reasons to reduce your fuel consumption. PC auto insurance can show you some ways to do it that are surprisingly easy.

  • Car insurance tips that could lower your premiums

    You may feel that you have no control over the cost of your auto insurance, but you actually do! Your car insurance can be affected by the choices you make, and good choices can save you money.


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