Travel Insurance



Accident/ accidental

A sudden, unexpected, unintended, unforeseeable, external event, occurring during an insured trip, that independently of any other cause, results in injury (or damage, if the context relates to property loss or damage).

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)

Accidental death meaning bodily injury caused by an accident which results in death if the injury, accident and death occur while you are on a trip; and Accidental dismemberment meaning one of (i) the actual severance of a limb above your ankle or wrist joint, or (ii) the complete loss of eyesight in both eyes and/or hearing in both ears

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Baggage and personal effects

luggage and personal possessions taken by you on your trip

Bedside companion

a companion of your choosing can be at your bedside if you are travelling alone and are admitted to a hospital for 3 or more days; this benefit is available immediately if the insured is a dependent child or if you are over age 20 and physically disabled

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Confirmation of Insurance

Computer printout, printed form, electronic copy, invoice, or document issued by us that sets out the plan you have purchased and any optional add on coverage, if any, you have chosen

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The delay of your scheduled departure due to things beyond your control such as weather, police road closures, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, labour strikes, death and loss of travel documents

Dependent child / children

Unmarried persons who are your natural, adopted or step-children, dependent on you for support and care, and who are:

  • travelling on the same itinerary as you are; AND
  • under 21 years of age; OR
  • full-time students under 26 years of age OR
  • mentally or physically incapable of self-support
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Effective date

The date you leave your home province on a trip


An unforeseen occurrence of, symptoms of sickness, or of injury, which requires immediate treatment from a physician or that requires hospitalization, failing which there could be a serious impairment to your health

Emergency dental treatment

Immediate and medically necessary dental services or supplies provided by a licensed registered dentist, hospital, or other licensed provider, that is the result of an acute and unexpected condition that arose during a trip

Emergency medical treatment

Medically necessary services or supplies provided during a trip by a licensed physician, hospital or other licensed provider, that are required to treat any injury or sickness or other sudden, acute and unexpected condition that arose during the trip, and that cannot be reasonably delayed until you return to your home province without endangering your health

Emergency professional services

Expenses resulting from an emergency for services from a licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, podiatrist, osteopath, if ordered by a physician

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Flight accident

An accident that occurs while you're travelling on, boarding or leaving a certified multi-engine transport type aircraft provided by a regularly scheduled airline

Follow-up treatment

Treatment that continues beyond the initial emergency

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Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP)

Heath insurance coverage that Canadian provincial or territorial governments provide for their residents

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A medical facility which is legally accredited to provide medical, diagnostic and surgical treatment to in-patients during the acute phase of their sickness or injury, which is primarily engaged in the aforesaid activities and which operates under the supervision of a staff of physicians and has a registered nurse continuously on duty. A hospital does not mean an institution licensed as a home for the aged, rest home, nursing home, convalescent hospital, health spa, rehabilitation centre or treatment facility for drug or alcohol abuse and/or addiction

Hospital allowance

Incidental hospital expenses such as telephone calls and television rental, while you are hospitalized for at least 48 hours

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A sickness, infirmity or disease that occurs during your trip and requires emergency medical care

Immediate family member

Any one or more of your spouse, natural, step, or adopted children, persons for whom you are the legal guardian, parents, parents-in-law, step-parents, sisters, brothers, sisters/brothers-in-law, step-sisters/brothers, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.


A bodily injury sustained during a trip, which is caused, directly and independently of all other causes, by an accident

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Meals and accommodation

Expenses incurred as a result of your emergency, including accommodation, meals, and essential telephone calls

Medical condition

An injury or sickness including but not limited to disease, acute psychoses, and complications or pregnancy occurring within the first 31 weeks

Medical questionnaire

A series of questions that must be answered correctly when you apply for insurance, and which become part of the insurance contract once completed and signed

Missed connection

The later or earlier departure of a scheduled flight, which causes you to miss your scheduled connecting flight, providing that a connecting time period of at least 2 hours was originally booked. The missed connection cannot be the result of a supplier default, strike, or other labour disruption.

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A medical doctor, other than yourself or a member of your immediate family, who is licensed to administer medical treatment and prescribe drugs in the place where he or she provides medical services. The following are not considered to be physicians: naturopath, herbalist, and homeopath.

Pre-existing condition

Any medical condition, including any heart or lung condition, that exists before your departure for which you have been treated, prescribed medication, shown symptoms for, had test results showing deterioration, a medical investigation whether or not a diagnosis has been given, hospitalization, or referral to a specialist

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Return of remains

Preparation and transportation of your deceased body to your original departure point, or preparation, cremation and transportation to your original departure point, or preparation and burial of your remains where the death occurred

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Schedule change

Delay of your scheduled carrier due to weather conditions, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions for at least 30% of your scheduled trip duration

Single supplement

Any additional cost for one person occupying a double occupancy room


The person legally married to you, or if there is no such person, the person who has been living with you in a conjugal relationship for at least one year

Stable and controlled

Any medical condition for which there has been no new treatment or newly prescribed medication; no change in treatment or change in prescribed medication; no new, more frequent or more severe symptom; no test results showing deterioration; no investigations initiated for symptoms whether or not your diagnosis has been determined; no hospitalization and no referral to a specialist

Start date

The date shown on your most recent confirmation of insurance as the "start date"

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To add additional days of coverage to your insurance plan

Travel accident

An accident that occurs while you are travelling, and is not the result of your participation in criminal acts or hazardous activities such as skydiving and hang gliding, or criminal acts

Travel advisory

A formal written notice issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of the Canadian Government or Health Canada to advise Canadians not to enter a foreign country or a given region in that country

Travel companion

The person with whom you are sharing travel arrangements and prepaid accommodation (to a maximum of 3 people)


A medical, therapeutic or diagnostic procedure prescribed, performed or recommended by a licensed physician, including but not limited to prescription medication, investigative testing, and surgery


Your travel outside your home province for which coverage under a policy has been purchased and is in effect

Trip cancellation

Coverage for losses incurred should your trip be cancelled due to various situations as defined in the Policy Terms and Conditions

Trip interruption

Coverage for losses incurred should your trip be interrupted due to various situations as defined in the Policy Terms and Conditions

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A private passenger automobile, minivan, recreational vehicle, or camper truck, which you use during your trip exclusively as conveyance of passengers other than for hire. It can be either owned by you or rented by you from a rental agency.


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