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Road Trip Safety

Road Trip SafetyWinter and fall may inspire you to hop a flight somewhere, but nothing says "Road Trip!" like the spring and summer months. Whether you're gathering the family together or heading out solo, looking forward to the destination or the trip itself - a road trip promises opportunities for adventure and reflection.  How smooth your next road trip goes can be directly related to the attention and care you put into preparing for it. Make yours incredible by remembering to consider these three things before you set out:

  1. Your Automobile
    The last thing you want is to get everything ready for your road trip only to run into trouble a few kilometers down the road.  Even a short distance trip can be marred by engine issues. Due for a tune-up? Why not schedule it before you go. Also consider an oil change, especially if you're going a long distance, and don't forget to have your tire pressure checked. The better performing your car is, the more efficient it will be on your drive.  Also, consider the length of your drive and whether you might be better off renting a vehicle for this journey instead of using your own automobile.
  2. Map it out
    Most phones these days offer some sort of GPS mapping option. In fact it's sometimes hard to imagine what we did without it. But plan your entire route on the GPS and all it takes is one data-roaming heavy phone bill to remind you why a good old-fashioned map is sometimes a better option. Have the best of both worlds by plotting your intended route on both. When you're in a WiFi zone you'll be able to get some up-to-date info through your phone and when you aren't (or when you opt to stray off course) you'll have a paper map to guide you to where you'd like to go. And don't hesitate to pop into information stations along your route. Along with free maps and directions, many offer a quick cup of coffee and insider info on the area you're driving through.
  3. Plan to Stop
    While Stop and Go driving can be bad, stopping for a break can be a great idea. Whether you plot out stops ahead of time or simply leave space in your travel itinerary for room to stray off course, the benefits of taking the path less traveled are numerous. And it's not just about the adventures that await. Stopping along the route can give the driver a much-needed break and smaller passengers a chance to stretch their legs.  Even if you're excited about your final destination, take the time to stop. Too often we're rushing to get to a destination and completely forget about the potential of the places we're driving through and the value of spending extra time with the people we're traveling with.

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