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Emergency Checklist for your Car

Emergency Checklist for your CarAccidents happen. Whether it's a breakdown on the side of the road or bad weather that sidelines you, having a basic emergency kit in your car can make a world of difference. And if you're traveling with children at the time, it can also turn what might've been a frightening experience into a manageable one. With a Canadian winter that has had weather that can be described as "unpredictable" at best, drivers need to make sure their car is equipped with the basic items to make any amount of waiting time safer and less stressful for all involved. Here's a handy checklist of some of the items you may want to pack in your trunk. You'll want to check and refresh the items regularly to make sure you're always ready for the road.

  • Windshield Washer Fluid: An extra jug in the trunk can be a good idea – just be sure children and pets can't access it. Make sure you know how and where to add the fluid should your car run low. Clear visibility is so important and whether it's an unexpected snowstorm or a passing car that splashes your windshield, being prepared will help.
  • Warm blankets: If the battery dies or you have to stay out waiting for a tow truck or a friend longer than you expected, you'll be glad you had a way to keep warm.
  • Jumper cables: Be your own hero: Having jumper cables handy means one less thing you need from a passing stranger. Again knowing how to use them before you need them is always a good thing too.
  • Small shovel: This is great for freeing tires that have simply run into a snow bank or muddy spot.
  • Flashlight: Whether you need to poke around in the trunk or take a look under the hood, a flashlight will make it easier. Remember to keep extra batteries in the car as well and to check both regularly to make sure everything is in working order.         
  • Water and Snacks: A few bottles of water in the trunk, in containers that won't break when it gets cold, are a must to keep yourself hydrated if you're stuck anywhere for a long time. And remember that with kids, a long time can be 15 minutes. Having some snacks that won't spoil on hand to keep energy levels up (such as protein bars and chocolate) can help.
  • First Aid Kit: You can create your own with staples like bandages, antiseptic, pain reliever, strong scissors and tweezers; or you can purchase one prestocked at your local drugstore. Either way, having something on hand to handle minor cuts or bruises could be useful.
  • Cell Phone: Make sure your cell phone is charged before you hit the road, so it's ready to use in an emergency. And, just in case, have a list of numbers you can call for help in your glove compartment. Relying on your phone's contact list can be risky.

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