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Tips To Avoid Distracted Driving

Tips To Avoid Distracted DrivingThere's no question that distracted driving is an issue that is gaining attention in the community. Law enforcement of drivers who text or talk on hand-held cell phones while driving is being beefed up across the country and the penalties are increasing. The safety risks are now being matched with serious financial ones for those who continue to drive while distracted. And your insurance can be affected too. There are a few things you can do to keep the temptation of that tweet or your fixation with Facebook at bay. Try one of these simple techniques to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel:

  1. Throw it in the trunk : Out of sight, out of mind. Make a habit of tossing your purse or briefcase into the trunk before you set out for a destination. Forget? The backseat will work in a pinch. The extra effort it takes to get to your phone will require you to pull over or park.
  2. Turn it off: If you don't hear the ring, you won't reach over to answer it. Have Bluetooth but need to minimize the risk of answering every social media ping? Disable the alerts on the phone. Let's face it, you don't really need to answer every message as soon as it comes in. It can wait the few minutes until you get to your destination. If you can't hear or catch a side-eye glimpse of every message that comes in, you're less likely to risk everything to read it.
  3. Auto – message: A lot of personal devices now offer the option of an automated message in response to emails and calls. Turn on your "I'm driving but will get back to you ASAP" message before you set out for your destination. Clients will respect the fact that you're putting safety first. You can even add a time estimate if you'd like. "Can't take your call now as I'm driving but I'll be back in touch as soon as I'm parked" will get you more respect than an accident or ticket that derails you for a lot longer.
  4. Hand it over: Let's face it, the kids in the backseat are yearning for access to your phone anyway. If you're waiting for an important message, task one of them or a co-pilot with reading out any email that is coming in that needs to be addressed quickly. You're going to have to pull over to respond but it may offer you some peace of mind to know you won't miss it if it happens. And the fact that you'll have to ask for your device from one of the people you care most about when you choose to make that call or email that message should be trigger enough to remember what's at stake with one distracted drive.

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