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Plan for a safer ride on your bike this summer

Plan for a safer ride on your bike this summerThe weather is warm, the roads are dry and your helmet is waiting. Now’s the time to grab your bike and explore the streets around your neighbourhood. But before you take it off the driveway, take a minute to remind yourself of what you need to do for a safer ride.

  1. Tune-up
    Remember that wonky chain that was giving you a hard time last year? Now’s the time to get it fixed. Brakes and tires are areas that are also worth a regular once-over. Take it to the professionals. A bike specialist at your local shop will be in the best position to give the entire bike a hard look and make recommendations about what needs fixing.
  2. Make it yours
    A new bike needs to be adjusted so that it’s the right fit for you. If you’re purchasing a new bike have it adjusted in the store. Inheriting one? Take the time to adjust the seat to properly fit your height and comfort level. Nothing feels worse than riding a bike that is too big or too small for your frame.
  3. Don’t overdo your first ride
    The temptation is understandable. Stretched out before you is the wide-open road. Miles of smooth pavement and gorgeous tree-lined streets are calling your name. But if you haven’t been active all winter, a long ride right out of the gate could be a huge mistake. No matter your level of experience, paying attention to your body is important. Start the season with shorter rides on familiar paths and work your way up. Your calves will thank you.
  4. Get bling that works for you
    Sure a cutesy bell is nice but one that can be heard is even better. Keep function as well as fashion in mind as you choose your bike accessories. Helmets, mirrors and reflectors are meant to help keep you safe and seen on the road. Choose well.
  5. Remember that you’re a vehicle not a toy
    Once you hit the road, it doesn’t matter that you only have two wheels instead of four. You have as much responsibility as the auto drivers out there to be as safe as possible. Help protect yourself by using proper hand signals, using appropriate lanes and following the rules of the road (red lights apply to you too). Respect and look out for other users of the road – including drivers, pedestrians and fellow cyclists. You won’t win in a collision with one of your four-wheeled street companions so keeping alert and safe is your number one priority.

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