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Bike Theft Precautions

Bike Theft PrecautionsWith warmer weather across the country garage doors are flying open and more and more people are opting to swap four wheels for two. Whether you’re an avid cyclist in search of the next big hill or a recreational one who enjoys a spin around the block with the kids, keeping your bike out of the hands of would-be thieves is key. Every year thousands of bikes are stolen across the country. While you may not be able to stop a theft from occurring, taking the right precautions can help.

Take these steps the next time you’re out for a ride, to make your bike less attractive to those who might think to steal it.

Always Lock it Up
You think you’re only running in to grab a coffee, but an unlocked bike to a thief is a gift they won’t refuse. No matter how long your pit-stop, take the time to lock your bike up. And choose where you lock it wisely: Bike racks, poles and light stands are better options than benches. Lock the bike through its frame. Wheels can be easily removed and left behind so placing a lock through the wheels is not good enough. Also consider locking a few bikes together with several locks. That can sometimes be enough of a hassle to make a would-be thief think twice.

Use the right tools
Not all locks are created equal. Check with a local bike retailer to find out which type and style is best for your prized possession. A common rule of thumb is the more expensive the bike the more expensive the lock should be. Thieves know the difference and they have the tools to make short work of removing the ones that are easy to access.

Keep it where it can be seen
Locking it up in well-lit areas or ones with high traffic will make it that much less tempting for someone to snatch your bike. Thieves prefer areas where they can do their work without drawing attention. Pick high-traffic areas to help steer off attempts.

Make it easy for others to help you if it’s stolen
There are things you can do now that will be helpful in the unfortunate situation where your bike is stolen. Check to see if your manufacturer has engraved a serial number on the bike’s frame. If not, speak to your local police station about how to put one on yourself. You may also want to copy that number on to other removable parts of the bike including the wheels and seat. Then, register your bike’s serial number with your local police department. The unique serial number will help police to find you if they make a recovery. You should also speak with your home insurance broker to make sure that your bike (especially one with a high value) is covered under your policy.

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