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Auto insurance in Ontario made easy.

Whether you’re running errands in Toronto or commuting to work in Ottawa, we’ve got you covered. PC Optimum™ members can save up to 35%† when they bundle their home and auto insurance and combine with other available discounts.

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PC covers your auto insurance  needs in Ontario

We offer competitive rates and coverage options across a range of trusted providers.

Save on coverage, and earn
PC Optimum™ points.

PC Optimum members save up to 35%

PC Optimum™ members save up to 35%† when they bundle their home and auto insurance and combine with other available discounts.

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Earn up to 2x the regular PC Optimum points

Earn 2x the regular PC Optimum™ points* for every dollar spent when you pay your premium with your PC® Mastercard®.

It’s easy to buy auto insurance through us.


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Factors that affect auto insurance costs in Ontario.

Car insurance premiums are determined by many factors. Here are some to keep in mind when getting an insurance quote.

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Driver’s age

Young drivers may pay higher premiums because they have less experience and, tend to fall into a high-risk age category.

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Vehicle type

Your vehicle’s make, model and year impact how much you pay for insurance. Other factors include the cost to replace parts and how likely it is your car will be stolen.

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Driving behaviour

What you use your vehicle for and how often you’re behind the wheel can be a contributing factor in setting car insurance premiums.

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Driving history

How much experience you have on the road and your driving record help determine what you'll pay for insurance. Drivers with clean records typically enjoy lower premiums.

Get auto insurance in Ontario.

Insure your car with coverage that fits your lifestyle.

Mandatory coverage

  • Liability

  • Accident Benefits

  • Direct Compensation Property Damage

  • Uninsured Automobile

Optional coverage

  • Comprehensive

  • Collision or Upset

  • Minor Ticket Protection

  • Waiver of Depreciation

  • Family Protection

  • Accident Forgiveness

  • Liability for Damage to Non-owned Cars

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Adding a driver with a G1 or G2 licence.

Getting a driver’s licence is an exciting milestone. Adding a new driver to your insurance policy is simple.


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