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Why you need to Make Time to check your Brakes

Why you need to Make Time to check your BrakesEver had a squeaking noise interfering with your favourite song on the radio when you hit the brakes? Has it ever seemed like you need to apply a little more force to halt at the crosswalk? Both are signs that you need to pay attention to your vehicle. And it’s as simple as Stop, Look and Listen.

  1. Stop:
    That tiny bit of extra pressure you’ve been putting down to make your car stop at the corner? That’s a warning sign. Any changes in what it takes to bring the car to a halt is worth looking into. Similarly, if you feel the car pulling to one side when you apply the brakes, notice the pedal vibrating as you push on it or find that you have to apply more pressure to the pedal to bring it to a stop, you’ve got an issue worth investigating.
  2. Look:
    The next time you’re in the auto shop for any reason, ask the mechanic to point out where your brakes are and to help you identify the various parts that work with them in your car. One of the things you can keep an eye on out of the shop are the brake pads and signs of wear that can indicate you need to get them checked and/or replaced. And be a good neighbour. If you notice someone else’s car pulling to the side as they apply the brakes or hear the tell-tale squeal (see below) let them know.
  3. Listen:
    The first clue to a brake problem is likely going to be an audible one. Turn down your radio, roll down your window and listen as you apply your brakes. High-pitched squeal? Grinding sound? Both are signals that there could be a problem on the horizon. Have it checked out as soon as you can. Every time you take to the road you are putting the lives of not just your passengers, but pedestrians and other drivers at risk. Make the time to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep the roads and your loved ones safe.

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