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Extreme Winter Weather on the Roads

Extreme Winter Weather on the RoadsWinter can be tough in the best of times. When extreme weather hits – whether it's thunderstorms, tornados or record low temperatures – the results can be hard on your health, lifestyle and possessions. And if they catch you while you're on the road in your vehicle the effects can be doubly hard.
Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Share your travel plans: Make sure that a trusted someone always has some idea of where you are headed and the route you are taking. This is especially important for long drives or trips where you're going solo. Murphy's law says that the place you break down will be the one part of your journey where there is no phone service. People will be able to find you faster if they know the roads you had planned to take and when you were supposed to arrive somewhere, or next connect with someone.
  2. Dress for the weather: The last thing you want to have happen is to be stranded somewhere in your vehicle in your shorts and t-shirt because you weren't expecting to be outside for very long. Be prepared any time you leave the house in case you are stranded. Do your clothes stand up to the weather outside? Keeping spare mitts, hats, scarves and blankets in the car can also serve you well.
  3. Pull out of traffic: If you're unable to see the road clearly and it's dangerous to drive, pull out of the main lanes of traffic. Heading for the shoulder, or somewhere else it is permitted to stay, and turning on your hazard lights is one option that can allow you to wait safely for the storm to pass and still be seen by other drivers.
  4. Stay in your car as long as possible: It's good to be protected inside the steel cage of your vehicle instead of standing outside it on your own, especially during a Canadian winter and other specific circumstances. While inside watch your gas and battery levels. Minimize the use of non-essential battery draining items like the radio and use heat sparingly. If you're snowed in, be careful of snow plugging an exhaust pipe, and crack your window slightly to allow ventilation. If you do have to leave the vehicle to seek out help, make sure it is safe, and try to wait until the blizzard has passed to do so.
  5. Stay informed: Whether it's a battery-operated radio kept in the car or your car's stereo system make sure you are aware of the news stations and can keep informed about pending weather systems. The best situation you can find yourself in during a storm is to have never ventured out into it in the first place. Check your route's weather forecast before you head out and then stay informed as you go. If you're travelling through an area that you're unfamiliar with, ask at a gas station about the local news stations so you're never far from fresh information.

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