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Bicycle Etiquette for Car Drivers

Bicycle Etiquette for Car DriversIt’s one thing to be careful when you’re out for a ride on your bicycle, but even when your travel mode of choice is four-wheeled instead of two you need to be aware of cyclists. By law the roadway is to be shared and that means all vehicles must abide by the rules of the road. While cyclists share in that responsibility, it’s not enough as a driver to simply hope that cyclists do the right thing on the road. Just like any other vehicle on the road, you’ll need to make sure you are driving attentively when near riders. Here are a few tips to help everyone stay safer on the road:

  1. Check Twice: Are you changing lanes? Making a turn? Opening your door after parallel parking? Double check your blind spot before making a commitment to the action. Bikes often fall into the blind spot of a driver and that second look could save a life.
  2. Give Them Space: Driving too closely to the vehicle in front of you is never a good idea and when that vehicle is a bicycle it is a good idea to take extra precaution. Following closely can make a cyclist nervous and uneasy; never a good combination on a busy roadway. Instead, give them plenty of room to move and space to change their mind (or direction). If the lane is too narrow, if there's oncoming traffic, or if you don't have enough visibility to pass safely...don't. Wait until you feel sure it is safe for both you and the cyclist to make your move.
  3. Make Sure You’re Seen: You’d be surprised how quiet your car’s engine can be, especially if the cyclist is wearing earphones or not paying as much attention as they should. Reduce your speed as you approach cyclists, avoid honking unless you have to (it could startle them) and make sure you’ve got plenty of room before attempting to pass them on the roadway.
  4. Expect the Unexpected: Even more than car drivers, cyclists swerve. Big puddles, unexpected car door openings, sewer grates, potholes and plain old bad driving can be to blame when a cyclist suddenly pulls deeper out of their lane than you might’ve been expecting. Protect yourself by expecting the unexpected and giving them space for sudden movement.
  5. Be patient: The roadways are for us to share. We are often in a rush when we are on the roads, but arriving at your destination safely should be your number one priority. Be mindful of all the traffic around you to help prevent making a mistake that could put you and others at risk.

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