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5 Things to Do at Home Before a Vacation Abroad

By: Lauren McPhillips

5 Things to Do at Home Before a Vacation Abroad Ahhhhh, vacation – the word alone immediately transports us to warmer climates, sunkissed skin and yoga on the beach. A holiday is the perfect way to unwind and disconnect from our daily routines, but it can be hard not to worry about forgetting something – did I unplug the toaster? Did I withdraw enough foreign funds for the trip? Did I lock the door to the house? To ensure you’re in vacation mode for your entire holiday, tick these five things off your checklist before you even consider saying bon voyage.

  1. Help secure your home from theft and damage.
    There are plenty of things you can do to help secure your home while you’re away (alarm system, setting a timer for lights, putting a hold on your mail so it doesn’t pile up), but accidents do happen sometimes. Before you travel, consider getting your home covered with a comprehensive home insurance (necessary whether you own or rent), to have insurance coverage for your house if it’s affected by water damage, fire or any other number of accidents. Already in vacay mode and have no time to research the best rate available for you? No worries– PC® insurance brokers actually do the comparison shopping for you, reaching out to up to 7 companies to ensure you’re getting the best rate they can find for you (plus you can earn PC Optimum points by using a PC Financial® Mastercard® for your insurance payments, so… #winning!).
  2. Clean out your fridge & take out the garbage.
    Holidays are meant to have you coming home revived and refreshed… but coming home to a strange odour in your house is a quick way to snap you out of your vacation daydream. Before you leave on your trip, empty the fridge of perishable items (or, if you can, freeze them), and do a sweep of the house to remove garbage and compost from any bins as well. Your nostrils will thank you in three weeks’ time.
  3. Switch off your utilities.
    Running the air conditioning at full force while you’re out of town isn’t just wasteful, but it’s throwing your money down the drain, too. Before you take off for sand, sun and surf, turn off the A/C (or lower the heat, if it’s winter) so you’re not racking up bills on unused utilities. Close your curtains halfway or pull the sheers across, too, to keep out any drafts or the hot sun, so that you’ll be returning to a temperate home instead of a sauna.
  4. Print off an itinerary for family & friends back home.
    To help put your mind at ease when you’re strolling the boulevards of Paris or learning to surf in Hawaii, appoint a couple of (responsible!) family members or close friends to be a point of contact back home. Leave them an itinerary of your trip, including details on where you’ll be staying, your flights, and an emergency phone number that you can be reached at should anything go wrong.
  5. Alert your bank of your travels.
    There’s nothing worse than being in a foreign country on holiday and running out of money… only to find your bank has frozen your account. To help avoid this happening (trust me, it does, and trust me, it’s terrible), contact your bank before your trip to alert them that you’ll be travelling as well as what countries you’ll be travelling to.

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