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PC Insurance

Insurance that’s right for you and 3x PC OptimumTM points*

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At PC insurance, we compare quotes from up to 9 insurance providers to find you the coverage that’s right for you. Exclusive for PC Optimum InsidersTM members: when you use your PC Financial® Mastercard® to pay for your PC insurance premium, you’ll earn 3x the regular PC Optimum points*.

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We work with insurance companies to find you the best rate and coverage we can get for you. We help you understand what you're paying and what you're covered for.

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We shop around for the best rates and plans we can find for you, so you can relax knowing your home, condo or rented property is insured when you need it most.

Get a quote today and call us on 1-866-296-7626 to discuss your quote. Be sure to mention you’re a PC Optimum InsidersTM member when you call us.

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