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What car insurance discounts are available?

Learn about the discounts you may be eligible for.

Discount options eligibility criteria and availability vary by province and insurer.

Multi-vehicle Discount
By insuring two or more vehicles in your household, you could pay lower rates.

Conviction-free Discount
Maintaining a clean driving record – no tickets or driving infractions for a set number of years – can help you save.

Retiree Discount
If you’re at least 65 and retired, you may save on your premiums.

Graduated Licensing Discount
Drivers in their first year with a G2 or G licence may qualify for a discount.

Good Student Discount
Drivers under 25 with an 80% average in school may be eligible for a discount.

Autonomous Emergency Braking System Discount
If your car is fitted with this safety feature, it could save you money on your insurance premium.

Electric or Hybrid Vehicle Discount
Making the choice to drive an electric or hybrid car offers another way to save.

Private Parking Discount
If you have a private parking spot for your car, like your garage or driveway, you may be eligible for a discount.

Student Away From Home Discount
If your child is an occasional driver and attends school away from home, they may qualify for a discount.

Driver’s Training Discount
Completing a government-approved driver’s training program may help you save on insurance.

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